It is created for those who aim to start a new business for the first time in the UK, however, it allows to work full-time during
the whole duration of visa.
On this visa you will be required to contact the University-endorser from time to time (usually once in half-a-year) and discuss with them your progress (successful development of your website, first partnership or sales contracts, etc.).

We would help you along the way, but as you will be the first point of contact for the University (and you have claimed your entrepreneur skills) – you will be required to ensure that the University is supporting you.
We will do the rest.
No need to hold a UK degree (in comparison with Tier 1 GE)
No need to secure any initial funding (in comparison with £50,000 on Tier 1 Innovator)
you have to stay in the UK at least 9 months a year for 5 years prior to application. Meaning – the first year is yours to travel, but if you want to secure Citizenship ASAP – you would have to make UK your primary residence
Global Talent Visa offers plenty of attractive advantages to endorsees. Individuals who qualify will have access to key features such as:
for anyone (in comparison with restrictions on Innovator to work only for your business and restrictions to work for anyone else except the sponsor on Tier 2 & 5 working visas)
This visa allows you to conduct a business and work legally
in the UK.
(indefinite leave to remain) you have to stay in the UK at least 6 months a year, therefore, the rest 6 month you can travel and live in the other country
Can easily switch to Innovator visa after 2 years if decided to pursue the business
Or you have 2 years to establish a healthy relationship with employer and convince him to sponsor for Tier 2 visa if required
All you need is just your passport and an endorsement letter
(and tuberculosis test results).
All you need is just your passport
and an endorsement letter
(and tuberculosis test results).
All you need is just your passport
and an endorsement letter
(and tuberculosis test results).
Preparation stage
Step 1. Your business project
We will build a new business plan or update your current one and include all the necessary for Start-Up visa details to it: the project architecture, marketing and sales plan, structure of business management and ownership, financial forecasts for 2 and 5 years.

We would also conduct market research on the project sphere, which includes detailed research of the chosen market, analysis of target audience and consumers, competitors, selected potential rivals, selected potential partners and suppliers, SWOT analysis.

It is likely, that we would suggest we build your business project around (or add to your current business) any FinTech, Digital, Marketplace features which would benefit the appearance of your business plan and increase the likelihood of endorsement & visa being granted. We would also revise the idea and architecture of your business in order to prove the correlation between your future business and your education and experience for the chosen University and the Home Office.

Our accountants and FinTech specialists will provide all services related to taxation and financial planning. Preparation of market research is being done by specialists in marketing and business administration.
Step 2. Pre-application process
One of the main points is preparation of the immigration part of the business plan, which describes the choice of the UK as a country for settlement and your perfect role for the UK as a candidate for entrepreneurship for the coming years.

We also will assist you in communication with chosen University, arranging meetings and filling out forms and briefs. We will update your CV, help with references preparation and overall construction of your entrepreneurial case.

Some universities-endorsers require a 2-minute video pitch with the Business Plan attached to a Start-Up visa application. We would assist you with the preparation of speech for the video and evaluate the result with comments and suggestions.
Endorsement Stage
Step 3. Application for Endorsement
We would make sure that we are applying in the right time and meet all application deadlines, do all the paperwork required to prepare your application, meet all other requirements of the chosen University.

It usually takes 1-2 weeks for most Universities to decide whether they like our business or not – after that they can approve it or send it back for amendment. We would assist you throughout the whole negotiation process with the University.

Step 4. Interview with the University
Generally, if you like someone – you want to get acquainted with them. Same with Uni's – they would like to know you better and require an interview / pitch. It usually is being done at the Universities' premises but most of them allow Skype interviews in case you are not in the UK.

One of the further main tasks is to prepare you for the interview. When the University will find our project acceptable it would invite you for a physical interview and scrutinise all aspects of your business plan (from detailed numbers to personal motivation).

We would arrange preparation sessions 1-3 times a week and do mock interviews, however, please bear in mind that it is you who will be on the pitching spot, so please do not disregard the value of the preparation and the need to learn the business plan by heart. Please allow preparation sufficient time and effort.

Please, bear in mind, that interview is in English and includes complex economic and business language. If you are not confident in your language skills, our English tutors, specialized in IELTS UKVI and Start-Up interview preparation, will be happy to help you pass the interview.
Immigration Stage
Step 5. Visa Application
Our immigration solicitors, who are highly experienced in Tier 1 visas, will prepare your application. They assess your previous education, experience and goals in order to build a case which will be accepted by the Home Office with a high probability. Our team will create your entrepreneurial case and guide you throughout the entire journey in getting a visa, submit your application and do the obtainment of a visa process on a turn-key basis.
Step 6. Received!
What's next?

Congrats! You now are a British entrepreneur, able to build your own business and work full time for anyone. Our diverse team can assist you in almost any career choice you are gonna make – just let us know your plans!

Switch to Innovator Visa – we can help you to build and manage your business and, eventually, switch yourself to the Innovator visa.

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Our professional resources and expertise allow us to assist you in any way:
our team at Sterling Professionals can help you with securing a placement, internships, find a job and develop your cv, LinkedIn and personal brand to a hireable level.

Our legal team at Sterling Law will help to secure the right employment agreement with the company of your choice and, if required, negotiate working visa arrangements.
our team of commercial and IT solicitors is able to provide you with full legal support to build and organize cooperation with any contracting party, frame contractual relationship between the principal owners of the business, protect your own name, brand, idea and inventions, obtain any type of licenses, protect your personal rights and interests of your company, register any transaction, stand on your behalf in any dispute resolution, perform
IPO & ICO management, registration of shares, tokens, coins and a lot more.

our team will explain you the best way to register a company, open a business account, to conclude a right service agreement with an employer;

the right way to invoice the employer, plan taxes and to establish the most advantageous relationship with your own company.
How we can assist you?
If you want to work as an employee
If you want to work as a contractor
If you aim to set up your own business
Our accountants and tax consultants

will assist you with tax self-assessment, with your personal tax planning and tax services for your company. They will be happy to help you with the right expense-management of company before taxation and to avoid VAT registration.
Our immigration solicitors

will be happy to help you with the extension of initial visa and switching process, obtaining ILR and British citizenship, to move your relatives and partners to UK along with you.
Our business and investment consultants

will assist you with finding the most profitable investment opportunity or to find investment for your own project.
Our market specialists

will help you to understand the new market and to plan the opportunities for successful marketing
in the UK.
Our real estate agents

will assist you and your family with property rent or purchase.
To sum it up, you can trust us with any of your business, legal, immigration and personal matters and rest assured that we stand for your legal rights.
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