I was referred to Immigram by my erstwhile fellows from Yandex. My expertise is grounded in my enormous experience programming highly-loaded, geographically distributed infrastructure systems (products). To my surprise, Mikhail personally delved into my work's details, got a good handle on my Golang commits to Docker and various Yandex and Facebook infrastructure projects and helped me build a persuasive case. However, at first, we got rejected.Surely, I was distressed, but Mikhail assured me we would make it through. That is what happened precisely, and now I can launch startups in the UK, and I have already got an ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain), a.k.a. permanent residence in the UK.
Global Talent visa grants a wide range of rights and opportunities, essentially making its holder a UK resident. I was given a helping hand with my Global Talent endorsement at Immigram. First, we talked, the team gathered the information on me, my background and achievements, and only then did they agree to take up my case. Next, Mikhail and Anastasia spent literally dozens of hours with me, listening to my stories and gathering documents: from media publications to my company's financial metrics. The guys are true professionals. I highly recommend turning to them if rather than to spend an enormous amount of time studying the subject you'd prefer to receive an excellent consultation and secure a high chance of success.
I only considered being endorsed for Global Talent. The more achievable Global Promise would have had no value for me, given my circumstances. Mikhail listened to my considerations and promised that we would be pushing for Global Talent only. I was concerned that there were almost no conference speeches in my background, and my public activity would be insufficient. However, Mikhail and I talked through my whole work history via an enormous number of calls. The Immigram Team managed to emphasise the crucial points in my case, thereby increasing my chances — and now I am an acknowledged Global Talent and have got my ILR already! Thank you, Team Immigram.
I am a software engineer, and additionally I have exciting corporate experience. But I had almost no conference speeches under my belt, and I was anxious that this could be a substantial problem in terms of getting the visa I was interested in. It turned out that an appropriately presented case that the Immigram team was able to build upon closely reviewing my outside experience could win me a Global Talent, which I received within a matter of days after submitting my papers! Thank you, guys!
I was referred to Immigram by my Ukrainian colleague. What has surprised me the most? I was amazed how the Immigram Team understood the twists and turns of AI and algorithms I worked on at companies like Goldman Sachs and Nomura.

I have a broad experience in academic research with more than 30 published journal papers and book chapters related to Data Science, Machine Learning, Statistical Methods, Optimization, and Finance. I was surprised that Immigram Team were able to compile my research papers in a way that you could tell they comprehended my scientific activity and not just bibliographed it.

I am a co-founder of several businesses and an Alchemist alumnus. The Immigram Team compiled my case, and everything was done pretty quickly, but Tech Nation rejected my application. Good old England did not immediately see me as a Talent. We were baffled — how could that be possible. I was, of course, nervous, but Team Immigram assured me that it was going to be alright. And so it was — now I am a UK resident, developing my business in the UK.

I had heard about the Global Talent Visa in the past, but the application process seemed intimidating. That's why I didn't even consider applying for this visa. After reading the forums about the Global Talent Visa rejections, I felt even more discouraged to try.

One of my friends, a fellow Global Talent Visa alum, recommended Immigram. After our first consultation with Immigram Team, it became clear they had extensive experience and could help me obtain the Global Talent Visa.

I am convinced that I couldn't have achieved this without Immigram. So, I highly recommend you speak with the Immigram Team today to see how they can help you in the future.