What should be excluded from the application?

What should be excluded from the application?
22 DEC 2021
This stage of the application process requires you to provide the evidence and supporting documents for all your achievements, awards and successes. An applicant has to be as meticulous as possible in showing his best sides to the committee.
For some applicants the endorsement application to Tech Nation can be straightforward. For some, picking one's strongest suit and necessary evidence appears to be challenging.
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Speaking at events, again, not related to the IT field. We mentioned before the importance of participating in conferences, conventions and seminars with IT-related inclination. You can provide evidence of speaking at digital technology sector events or specialist events for your field. You can also provide evidence of speaking on IT-related topics on any other high-profile event. But if you spoke at a minor event or it was not even related to the IT sector, keep it out of the case.
However, some points and wins should be left out of the case. For example:
Volunteering if not related to the IT field. The committee will not endorse you relying on knowledge of your Wednesday volunteer shifts at a dog shelter or of your money donations to the Russian media. Make sure to mention only your professional merit.
Sports achievements. For other types of visas (like, Student visa) it might give extra points to the application, but it is not the case for the Global Talent visa. Again, you have to provide evidence only of your professional merit.
Minor diplomas. If you won the regional science olympiad or competition in Computer Science in the 11th grade, that will be a great piece of evidence even 15 years later the event itself. However, minor awards and certificates for participation will be superfluous.
Proof of knowledge of English. The Global Talent visa does not require IELTS, TOEFL or CEFR certificates which is considered to be an advantage for applicants.
Plans for the future. If you came up with an idea for your own start up but it is still a project on paper, it is better to leave it out of the endorsement application. On the contrary, if you have already launched the start up and it successfully works for at least a month, then include it without hesitation.
Academic contribution if not related to the IT field. Scholastic contributions are not specifically defined and can be included as a piece of a significant contribution to the field in the form of a paper published in a peer-reviewed journal. That excludes scientific works and research made in any other field and published in a minor academic journal. For example, if you have a case study on a business or legislative topic, do not mention it to the committee.
If you are still not sure what to include to the application or exclude from it, sign up for a free consultation. Our employee will answer all your remaining questions.